Finding home with music and a bottle of Coke

Coke Studio returns with an amazing line up of local and international artistsThere are many things that make us feel at home - laughing and spending quality time with our favorite people, munching on our go-to comfort food along with a refreshing drink, or even listening to a song that brings back precious memories.
When we return to where we feel valued and accepted, when we’re reunited with the things and the people we love, when we look gratefully at our past experiences both good and bad, and when we remember the passions that inspire us, we come home.

These unique instances are our own moments of homecoming. When we recall a special moment, the memory comes with a tune that was playing in the background, a lyric that stood out, a beat that fit the mood, and sometimes even a Coke in hand.
With the perfect jam playing and a bottle of Coca-Cola, simple moments with our friends and family become more fun, more memorable and more uplifting. 
Music has always been weaved in the history of…

Mapúa students enjoy cashless convenience with RCBC MyWallet ID Card

From meeting new friends to learning new things, students have a lot to look forward to as soon as they enter the university. However, much is also expected from this new generation.
As young adults who will soon help grow the country’s economy, it is important that these individuals are educated, empowered,and financially literate.And taking the lead to begin their financial journey, RCBC ties up with Mapúa University to introduce a dual purpose MyWallet–MapúaID to all its freshmen students for the upcoming academic year.
The Yuchengco-led bank innovates the typical school ID to double as a prepaid card that students can use to pay for everyday necessities and for transactions inside or outside of Mapúa. This new system will pave the way for both RCBC and the university to build a digital ecosystem that includes the students.
“A big part of the unbanked and underserved market are the college students who do not have their own bank accounts or who are not yet qualified to get their own p…

Zoomanity Group launches promo for Teachers’ Month

For more than 15 years, Zoomanity Group through its managed theme parks; Zoobic Safari in Subic, Paradizoo in Cavite, Zoocobia in Clark, Zoocolate Hills in Bohol and Residence Inn in Tagaytay has been actively participating in the month-long series of activities in support of the annual worldwide celebration of Teachers’ Month led by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The World Teachers’ Day, celebrated on the 4th of October, aims to mobilize support for teachers and ensure that their needs are met to carry out their important role of molding the minds of the country’s youth.
For this year, Zoomanity Group launched a promo to ensure that our teachers can affordably visit the parks that are continuously helping the kids understand the animal kingdom.  For every 3 companions paid, the teacher will be free of charge for the entrance to any theme parks under Zoomanity Group from September 5, 2018 till October 5, 2018. 
Here’s another perks also f…

Kids build their own Jollibee Fun City

Kids can enjoy hours of playtime as they explore the Jollibee Fun City with Jollibee and Friends This September, kids are in for lots of adventures and hours of playtime as they build and explore their own Jollibee Fun City, right from their homes and backyards!

The new Jolly Kiddie Meal toys feature Jollibee and Friends as they bring kids aroundthe city where they can spend the day exploring different places and experiencing new adventures.
With Hetty, kids can go to school to discover and learn a lot of new things with their classmates. They can join Popo at the basketball court for some games while others can explore the playground with Yum.
After some afternoon fun, Jollibee can bring kids and their parents to the Jollibee store for some of their favorite langhap-sarap treats while Twirlie welcomes everyone home after spending a wonderful day in the city.
Collect all five Jollibee Fun City Jolly Kiddie Meal toys with every purchase of a Yumburger (P80), Yumburger Meal with Drink (P100)…

Practical tips on how to strengthen relationships

Most people would often say that marriage is really the beginning of a relationship and I could not agree more. As such, we do not really stop nurturing our relationship with our significant other when we get married. In fact, we need to continually strengthen it because the road ahead is not without its fair share of challenges.

Stress at work, pressure within the family, finances, taking care of the children, just to name some, all take their toll mentally and physically on couples. As a result, relationships sometimes get strained and in many unfortunate cases, end up unpleasantly.

Here are some tips on how to strengthen our relationship with our significant other:

1. Go on regular dates

We love dates, there is no denying that. Those weekly dinners or cups of coffee were not just meant for relaxation. They give opportunities for couples to talk about issues, sort things out while in a relaxed environment, and talk about their fears openly without facing judgment. We never …

RCBC ePiso showcased as successful digital fiat currency technology in global conference

RCBC and its latest innovation, the ePiso,took the spotlight during the second International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Workshop on Standardizing Digital Fiat Currency and Applications held in Cornell University Bloomberg Tech Campus in New York City, USA.ITU is the United Nations’ specialized agency for information and communications technologies.
The three-day conference centered on discussions about digital fiat currency and how it can positively impact a country’s financial policies and regulations, technical and business dynamics, and security systems. More than that, it also aimed to present how such financial breakthrough can contribute to inclusion, economic growth, technological innovation, and improved transaction movements.
More than 20 central banks presented their country’s studies and programs on creating a comprehensive digital platform for financial inclusion. Participants included central banks from Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Norway, and Sweden. The BangkoSentra…

5 ways you can protect your online banking details

Digitalization has certainly helped many young adults to managetheir finances to keep pace with the demands of their active and busy lifestyles. From enjoying cashless transactions, to conveniently booking movie tickets and paying necessary bills, most of the millennials’ activities can now be done with just one click or tap on their smartphones.
As most banks now offer online banking, many Filipinos can experience transacting on-the-go or at the comfort of their homes. Unlike traditional banking, going online also provides you with an easier way to save and track where you are spending your money.
But if you are hesitant to register your account in online banking because of security issues and concerns in the internet, here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your money safe from digital threats:
Use personal devices and connections Bank details are personal information that should be known to no one else but you. And the best way to make sure that your account does not get comp…

Cebuana Lhuillier searches for outstanding ALS teacher

Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation, Inc. (CLFI) has partnered with the Department of Education (DepEd) for the first-ever National Alternative Learning System Teachers’ Achievement Recognition (NALSTAR) which honors and recognizes exemplary alternative learning system (ALS) teachers.
“The success of the ALS program can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of its educators, who give more than 100% of their efforts in moulding and educating our fellowmen, especially those belonging to the underprivileged sector. NALSTAR is our means to recognize their selfless commitment to teaching,” said Jean Henri Lhuillier, PJLI president and CEO, as he expressed his support and appreciation for ALS teachers.
The top NALSTAR educator will be selected from among 17 finalists coming from DepEd regional offices nationwide. The winner will take home P125,000 cash, and another P125,000 will be earmarked as seed money for their own ALS school. The top four finalists will take home P20,000 each while the …

Why debit cards are a millennial’s best partner in adulting

Millennials like to do things in their own way. Unlike the generations before them, these passionate young adults do not follow a specific formula for their lifestyles. They are spontaneous, excited, and always going against the flow in search for experiences that will make their lives worth living.
But if there’s one thing that millennials have in common with other generations, it is that they are also financially conscious. And in this modern age, millennials can enjoy the convenience of saving money and shopping for their needs and wants using a trusty debit card. Here are a few reasons why debit cards are preferred by many young Filipinos:
Easier way to save cash With a debit card, you can simply go to the bank and deposit cash to your account. This way, you are assured that your money is safe and secure; it even earns interest so you can grow your savings. Debit cards also teaches you to spend wisely because, unlike credit cards, you can only use what you have in your account. So th…

Flash Sale like no other at Lazada Wild Wednesday!

Lazada, the country’s leading online shopping and selling destination, launched its biggest series of Flash Sales today, August 15, dubbed as “Wild Wednesday.” With big discounts of up to 88%, these deals will be spread out among three Flash Sales which will happen this morning, layer at noon, and tonight.
Over 100,000 Items Up for Grabs Don't miss the chance to buy some of Lazada’s novelty items such as umbrellas and necklaces for as low as Php 39.Top tech items such as power banks, wireless mouse and electric drills are also up for grabs, for up to 50% off.
Some of Lazada’s bestselling beauty products will catch your attention too. Among these include Precious Pad Nature’s Lemon Spa and Noni Soap for just Php 25, Aztec Clay for Php 39, and Ever Bilena’s City Romance Liquid Lipstick Beauty set at over 60% off.
Over 300,000 Flash Sale Fans “Lazada has been working closely with its brands, sellers, and customers to provide the best online shopping and selling experience. For our selle…

World’s #1 Leadership Thinker and Global Coach says 3 minutes daily is all that’s needed to change your life

Even the world’s top leadership coach admits he needs a helping hand to navigate through life and the decisions he has to make. And that’s perfectly okay.
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a best-selling author and the world’s #1 leadership thinker and executive coach from the USA, said that it’s OK to ask for help from others. While most people veer away from asking for help, Goldsmith actually urges everyone to get over the idea of being able to do everything alone.
“I do this exercise daily with a peer coach. I have someone call me to listen to me ask myself questions I wrote and provide the answers I wrote every day. Why I do this? I’m Marshall Goldsmith and I’m too cowardly to do this by myself,” said Goldsmith in a podcast with EntreLeadership.
Dubbed as the Daily Question Process, it requires an individual to ask themselves a series of questionsevery day. The 3-minute exercisecan help people change their lives for the better when done regularly. While the skepticism is expected, Goldsmith s…

Jollibee Kiddie Meal’s new Teen Titans Go! To the Movies collectibles make playtime super

Jollibee Kiddie Meal toys –Teen Titans Go! To the Movies bring awesome superhero adventures to young children. Jolly kids can join forces with Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire to fight crime and save the day.

These cute collectibles of the entire superhero squad are just in time for the newly-released animated film, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Once sidekicks to better-known heroes, the Teen Titans have merged as a young superhero team out to wage their own war against the forces of evil. Now, kids can enjoy an action-packed playtime of battling evil villains with cool toys that feature the heroes’ signature moves.

Get ready to shoot discs at enemies alongside Teen Titans leader, Robin. Just put Robin in position, insert the discs, and press the button to shoot.

Watch the shape-shifter, Beast Boy, transform into a pterodactyl by attaching his mask and wings. Afterwards, just press a button to flap his wings and take flight for battle. 

Choose from Cyborg’s cool weapons …