Tasty Flame-Grilled Burgers at Burger King

Whopper, Jr. and BK Doubles

There is no doubt that flame-grilled burgers are really the best-tasting. This process of cooking brings out the best in any type of meat. As such, when it comes to burgers, Burger King's Whopper is still the benchmark for quick, great-tasting, and ultra-filling burgers. 

The patty is thick, meaty, tasty and smoky -- mouth-watering, indeed. Another great offering that Burger King can boast of is its Onion Rings. The breading's thickness is just right for that addictive crunch in every bite. Plus, Burger King is the only fast food that offers my favorite drink, Hi-C Apple juice. Service is fast, price is just right and the outlets are clean. Burger King is indeed king!

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