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A review of Tri-Mo Shawarma

I was so glad I accepted the invitation of a friend to try this shawarma joint called Tri-Mo Shawarma somewhere in Fairview. It was a little traffic in EDSA and Commonwealth but the long ride to Tri-Mo Shawarma in Lagro, Fairview was worth it after all.
Tri-Mo Shawarma was a small restaurant, not something that will rate high in terms of aesthetics and design. But don't be fooled by the unassuming exteriors of this restaurant because they serve the best shawarma in town. Their shawarmas are jawbreakers; meaning it's pita bread literally packed solid with perfectly minced beef and vegetables like white onions, diced cucumbers, and tomatoes (one can opt for a pure beef filling).

I ordered a regular shawarma with onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. The crunchy vegetables were refreshing and provided good texture and balance to the strong taste of the beef. Biting into my shawarma was an effort, the size of the whole thing was enormous.
Sauces are good complement to the rich meat as …